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Jello shots have been a social staple for decades, because they are easy to make and fun to take. It’s simple to find a recipe that gets the job done, but not often is the flavor satisfying. To create a truly exceptional jello shot requires more energy and ingredients and who has time for that? Queen Jelly removes the work and the basic from your shot experience, by offering and array of flavors catered to your taste. We still offer traditional flavors for those that appreciate the classics. However, we show you why we reign supreme by creating exotic blends everyone can love. Check out our menu below and choose the flavor that fits you.

Traditional Flavors

Blue Berry





Specialty Flavors


Candy Ass


Rum Punch

Bayou Typhoon

Bahamian Voyage

Piña Colada

Desert Cactus

The Krypt Keeper

Sunset Beach

Blue Hawaiian

Blue Freezer

Watermelon Margarita

Green Machine

Sweet Life

Tequila Sunrise

Thot Shot

Premium Flavors

Lynchburg Lemonade

Henny Berry

Big Mel

Long Island

Peach Supreme

Panty Dropper

Freak Alert

Mississippi Mud

Limited Edition Flavors

Tropic Voodoo

Zaddy Shark

Ape Sh$t


Alien P*ssy

Cosmic Crush

Island Mami

What to Expect

Whether it’s your first time or you’re returning, know what to expect. Our Feature Flavor Meter gives you insight on our most popular flavors to help you choose your jello shot. If you need more information feel free to chat with a LIVE representative. 

4 multicolor flavor meters for jello shot profile

Feature Flavor Taste meter

4 multicolor flavor meters for jello shot profile
4 multicolor flavor meters for jello shot profile