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Blue Freezer

Tropical Coconut fruit flavored delight guaranteed to take you away on a hot summer's day

Island Mami

If you love passion fruit this is the shot for you. Catch the island vibes with a taste of strawberry

Thot Shot

Let loose this unforgettable pineapple peach flavor. We won't tell if you won't

Henny Berry

Experience the smooth side of Henny with a blast of berries

Freak Alert

We all have a wild side. Watermelon coconut flavor is sure to bring it out you

Watermelon Margarita

Enjoy a classic packed with flavor. What's understood don't need to be explained.


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Enjoy the fruit flavors of Queen Jelly’s favorite mixers as a Juice! Each flavor is crafted for maximum flavor and preserved for strength for a tasty experience. So stop settling for expensive, watered down beverages that simply don’t satisfy. We currently offer three delicious fruit flavors that are sure to cool you down and get you lit.

For a real taste of New Orleans try Isle of Orleans which contains 100% real Misbelieve Juice! Also known as the Japanese plum. Isle of Orleans also contains notes of passion fruit and mango for a true North Caribbean experience. This is a seasonal flavor, with limited stock so get it while supplies last.

We also offer Henny Berry and Blue Freezer.

Henny Berry is famous for its smooth take on a cult classic. You’ve never experienced Henny be so delicate. It captivates you berrylicious flavor that’s hard to forget.

Or cool down with Blue Freezer, a tropical blend of mellow coconut and pineapple with a twist of lemon. Its a flavor that will truly take you away!

You thought we were done? Not.

Pair any of drinks off with one of our premium shot mixers to make the ultimate package.

FREE DELIVERY for order $30 or more!!!!!!!!

Please be advised that all juices are for local delivery only. We recommend specifying a desired delivery time to ensure your products are immediately ready for consumption. If there are any questions or you would like to have another flavor not listed in the menu please feel free to contact us, as most of our shot flavors can be made in to juice.https://queenjelly.com/jello-shot-menu/



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