Queen Jelly

The Rise of a New Orleans Original

From Adversity to Innovation

Queen Jelly had its humble beginnings when our founder embarked on a challenging path, juggling college coursework in pursuit of a biology degree while raising a child as a single parent. It was a demanding and stressful period in her life, and like many New Orleanians, she sought solace in a drink. However, there was a unique twist to her story – she never quite favored the taste of alcohol.

In that pivotal moment, a childhood memory came to her rescue: her love for jello. It was then that a stroke of genius struck her. She was familiar with classic jello shots but had never truly relished one. Armed with her scientific mindset and a determination to transform her experience, she set out to revolutionize the jello shot into what we now know as the Jel Cocktail.

What started as a coping mechanism to unwind and mask the often-unpleasant flavor of alcohol evolved into a delightful reinvention of cocktails that appeals to everyone. Queen Jelly stands as a testament to innovation, turning adversity into a flavorful journey that we invite you to embark upon with us.

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