What makes the Jel Cocktail different from a jello shot?

The product is different from a jello shot in that it is not just vodka and jello. It is essentially a cocktail in gelatin form. So you get twice the strength with half the water.

What is the average ABV?

The average ABV is 24-32 proof

What does it taste like?

Taste will range depending on the cocktail.

What type of alcohol is used?

The Jel Cocktail is comprised of many different spirits and liqueurs, as well as fruit juices. The types of alcohol can vary based on the cocktail.

Will it run you to the bathroom?

Interestingly, the Jel Cocktail does NOT have the same effect on the bladder as a traditional cocktail. Customers report going to the restroom a lot less when choosing the Jel Cocktail, which makes it perfect for outdoor events, such as tailgates and parades. 

What if my Jel Cocktail melts?

No worries! In the event that your cocktail melts, you can always pop it back into the fridge or something cold and consume as normal. 

Do they expire?

Unfortunately, nothing is perpetual. However, the shelf like on the Jel Cocktail is impeccable. Customers report quality consumption up to a year after freezing.